Bear Jokes
If you go down to the woods today...teddy bear jokes, polar bear jokes and more !
Big Cat Jokes
Almost forty jokes about the "King of the Jungle" and other big cats...
Bird Jokes
Lots of jokes about parrots, storks, canaries and of course the odd chicken !
Caribou Jokes
Jokes about, by and for !
Cat Jokes
A great collection of over fifty jokes about our feline friends.
Chicken Jokes,
Why the chicken crossed the road according to...
Everything but chickens crossing the road
Why did the chicken cross the road and other chicken jokes !
Creepy Crawly Jokes
Nearly two hundred jokes about bugs, spiders, worms and things that make you go yuk !
Dinosaur Jokes
Classic dinosaur jokes that are nearly as old as the dinosaurs !
Dog Jokes
Over 150 jokes about mans best friend.
Elephant Jokes
Over a hundred classic elephant jokes !
Farm Yard Jokes
All your favourite jokes about cows, sheep, pigs, horses and even chickens, nearly 100 howlers !
Fishy Tails
Funnies from under, and on the waves, all about sharks, dolphins, whales and more !
Gorilla Jokes
Over 120 jokes about the biggest of the primates!
Kangaroo Jokes
Jokes from the 'roos down under !
Mouse Jokes
Jokes about little furry creatures, like mice, hamsters and gerbils !
Oddball Animal Jokes
Those that don't fit in any of the other section....
Snake Jokes
Over fifty jokes about pythons, vipers, adders and other scaly things that wriggle !
Reindeer Jokes
Check these out in our Christmas selection !
Reptile Jokes
All your favourite frog, toad & lizard jokes, nearly sixty of them !

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