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What do you get if you cross a parrot and a centipede ?
A walkie talkie !
Why does a stork stand on one leg ?
Because it would fall over if it lifted the other one !
What do you get if you cross a bumble bee with a door bell ?
A humdinger !
What did the bookworm say to the librarian ?
Can I burrow this book please !

My dog plays chess
Your dog plays chess, he must be clever !
Not really, I usually beat him three times out of four !

If twenty dogs run after one dog, what time is it ?
Twenty after one !
"Who's been eating my porridge", squeaked Baby Bear.
"Who's been eating my porridge", cried Mother Bear
"Burp !", said Father Bear
Why are skunks always arguing ?
Because they like to raise a stink !
How do you milk a mouse ?
You can't, the bucket won't fit underneath !
When is it bad luck to be followed by a black cat ?
When your a mouse !
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