Bigfoot, Yeti, The Abominable Snowman Jokes
Whatever you might call them, here are the jokes!
Dracula and Vampire Jokes
Watch your neck with this collection of jokes!
Frankenstein Jokes
All made up jokes about the made up monster!
King Kong Jokes
Collection of giant sized jokes!
Longer Monster Jokes
Longer jokes about...monsters!
Medical Monsters
Monster doctors, patients and monster sickness!
Monster Books
Books about and by monsters
Monster Madness
Huge collection of general monster madness!
Monster Munch
What monsters eat, who monsters eat!
Oddball Monster Jokes
Lots and lots of goofy monster jokes!
Old Favourite Monster Jokes
The oldest most favourite monster jokes!
Slimies, Creepies and Reptile Jokes
Jokes about things that slime, creep or slither!
The Loch Ness Monster Jokes
Jokes from the depths of Scotland!
Werewolf Jokes
Watch out at the full moon!
What do you call...
A monster with...

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