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Monster: Doctor, doctor, how do I stop my nose from running?
octor: Stick out your foot and trip it up.
'Doctor, doctor, you've got to help me - I keep dreaming of bats, creepy-crawlies, demons, ghosts, monsters, vampires, werewolves and yetis . . .'
'How very interesting! Do you always dream in alphabetical order?'
What did the monster say to his psychiatrist?
'I feel abominable.'
Why did the monster go into hospital?
To have his ghoul-stones removed.
Monster: Doctor, doctor, I need to lose 30 pounds of excess flab.
Doctor: All right, I'll cut your head off.
Doctor: I'm sorry madam, but I have to tell you that you are a werewolf.
Patient: Give me a piece of paper.
Doctor: Do you want to write your will?
Patient: No, a list of people I want to bite.
Monster: Doctor, doctor, what did the X-ray of my head show?
Doctor: Absolutely nothing.
Doctor: you need new glasses.
Monster: How did you guess?
Doctor: I could tell the moment you walked through the window.
Monster: Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a bridge.
Doctor: What on earth's come over you? Monster:
Six cars, two trucks and a bus.
Monster: Doctor, doctor, how long can one live without a brain?
Doctor: That depends. How old are you?
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