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No downloads, no registration, no fuss, you just need a version 4+ browser with javascript enabled !

See how good your mouse skills are - avoid the chasing ants !
Classic pen and paper game on your computer - play against the computer to see who can sink the others navy first.
You may know it as 21 or pontoon... no betting though !. Just see if you can beat the computer dealer
Breakout Clone
Move your bat to knock down the wall, but you only get three lives.... great version of this classic game.
Not really a game, but see how your buzzword can be turned into a mind boggling sentence.
Checkbox Challenge
Test your mouse skills, how many boxes can you check in 20 seconds - record is 64 !
Crab Race
Calculate the odds, place your bets and see if you can back the winning crab !
See if you can draw more squares than your computer in this classic game !
Fudge's stunts at the airshow, courtesy of Cadbury-Land ! (You'll need Flash installed for this one) - You can visit CadburyLand here!
Mine Sweeper
See if you can clear the sea of mines in this Internet version of the Windows game !
Tic Tac Toe
Play noughts and crosses against the computer !
Great version of this classic block game


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