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First Kangaroo: Why did the little girl take hay to bed?
Second Kangaroo: To feed her nightmare.
First Kangaroo: Why did the rabbit go to the doctor?
Second Kangaroo: Because he felt jumpy.
First Kangaroo: What happened to the two bedbugs who fell in love?
Second Kangaroo: They were married in the Spring.
First Kangaroo: Why can't you tell secrets on a farm?
Second Kangaroo: Because the corn has ears, the potatoes have eyes, the grass whispers and the horses carry tails.
First Kangaroo: What did the Cinderella fish wear to the ball?
Second Kangaroo: Glass flippers.
First Kangaroo: What's smarter than a talking horse?
Second Kangaroo: A spelling bee.
First Kangaroo: What did the duck say when it laid a square egg?
Second Kangaroo: Ouch.
First Kangaroo: When is it socially correct to serve milk in a saucer?
Second Kangaroo: When you're feeding the cat.
First Kangaroo: How do you tell the difference between an elephant and a rhinoceros?
Second Kangaroo: The elephant has a better memory.
First Kangaroo: What does a frog say when it washes car windows?
Second Kangaroo: Rub it, rub it, rub it.
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