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First Caribou: Did you hear the joke about the rotten dinosaur eggs?
Second Caribou: No.
First Caribou: Two bad.
First Caribou: Did you hear about the ten tons of woolly mammoth hair that was stolen from the wig-maker today?
Second Caribou: No, I haven't.
First Caribou: The police are now combing the area.
First Caribou: How do you stop a dinosaur from biting his nails?
Second Caribou: I give up.
First Caribou: Pull his foot out of his mouth.
First Caribou: Ask me if I'm a rabbit.
Second Caribou: Okay. Are you a rabbit?
First Caribou: Yes, I'm a rabbit. Now ask me if I'm a caribou.
Second Caribou: I'm game, are you a Caribou?
First Caribou: No, silly. I told you I'm a rabbit.
First Caribou: What kind of math do owls like?
Second Caribou: Owlgebra.
First Caribou: What kind of bears like to go out in the rain?
Second Caribou: Drizzly bears.
First Caribou: What do snake charmers wear around their necks?
Second Caribou: Boaties.
First Caribou: What do snakes learn in school?
Second Caribou: Reading, writhing and arithmetic.
First Caribou: What do you call a bee that can't make up his mind?
Second Caribou: A maybee.
First Caribou: What well-known cartoon character do moths like a hole lot?
Second Caribou: Micky Moth!
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