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Why does a dinosaur have cracks between his toes?
To carry his library card.
First Man: What's the difference between a lemon, a dinosaur and a tube of glue?
Second Man: I give up.
First Man: You can squeeze a lemon, but you can't squeeze a dinosaur.
Second Man: What about the glue ?
First Man: That's where you get stuck.
Why don't more dinosaurs join the police force?
They can't hide behind billboards.
Why did the dinosaur walk on two legs?
To give the ants a chance.
Why is it dangerous to go into the jungle between two and four in the afternoon?
That's when dinosaurs are jumping out of palm trees.
Why does a dinosaur climb a tree?
To get in his nest.
What weighs two pounds, is grey and flies?
A two pound dinosaur bird.
Why do dinosaurs have long toenails on Friday?
Because their manicurist doesn't come until Saturday.
What did the man say when he saw the dinosaurs coming down the path wearing sunglasses?
Nothing! He didn't recognise them.
Why don't dinosaurs take ballet lessons?
They outgrew their leotards.
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