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What happened when the girl dressed as a spoon left the Halloween party ?
No one moved. They couldn't stir without her.

First witch: My, hasn't your little girl grown ?
Second witch: Yes, she's certainly gruesome.

What do you call a top pop group made up of nits ?
The lice girls.

Who was that I saw you with last night ?
It was a girl from school, Teacher.

Didn't have to!

Two girls were having their packed lunch in the school yard. One had an apple and the other said,
'Watch out for worms won't you !'

The first one replied, 'why should I ? They can watch out for themselves.

'What were you before you came to school, girls ?' asked the teacher, hoping that someone would say babies. She was disappointed when all the girls cried out, 'Happy'.
The lice girls.

Teacher: I'd like you to be very quiet today, girls. I've got a dreadful headache.
Mary: Please, Miss ! why don't you do what mum does when she has a headache ?

Teacher: What's that ?
Mary: She sends us out to play !

'I'm very sad to announce this morning, girls, that Miss Jones has decided to retire,' said the principal at morning assembly. ' Now we will all stand and sing this morning's Thank We All Our God.'

How does a blonde kill a fish ?
She drowns it.

Jane: Do you like me ?
Wayne: As girls go, you're fine and the sooner you go the better !

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