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For a student whose name is Kathleen,
with a mind that's not overly keen,
graduation is sure,
as she's hardly demure
and has often been seen with the Dean.

A lady from Louth with a lisp
liked her sausages crisp.
But in trying to say
that she liked them that way
she covered her friends in a mitht.

A lady from Brighton called Palmer
became quite an expert snake charmer.
The snakes called her Miss
and gave a loud hiss
when it looked as if someone would harm her.

There was a young lady called Jen,
who angered her friends now and then
by running up stairs
and shouting 'Who cares?'
Then doing the whole thing again.

An earnest young lady called Soames
wrote a very large book about gnomes;
but the tales were so tall
and the sales were so small
she was left with huge unwanted tome

A girl from Seattle called Lucy
one day came over all goosy.
Although it seemed strange,
and by Christmas
was really quite juicy.

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