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What did the Wizard say to his witch girlfriend ?
Hello gore-juice.

What did the zombie's friend say when he introduced him to his girlfriend ?
Good grief ! where did you dig her up from

What does a zombie say when he gets a letter from his girlfriend ?
It's a dead letter day.

Two teenage boys were talking in the classroom. One said, 'I took my girlfriend to see 'The bride of Dracula' last night.'
'Oh yeah,' said the other, ' what was she like ?'
'Well she was about six foot six, white as a ghost and she had big red staring eyes and fangs.'
The other said, 'Yes, but what was 'The Bride of Dracula' like ?'

What did the skeleton say to his girlfriend ?
I love every bone in your body

Why did the vampire's girlfriend break up with him ?
Because he had such a powerful crush on her.

When my girlfriend goes out riding, she looks like part of the horse. When she dismounts, she still looks like part of the horse.

Flash Harry gave his girlfriend a mink stole for her birthday. Well, it may not have been mink, but it's fairly certain it was stole.

One day Tony's girlfriend wrote to him to say their friendship was off and could she have her photograph back ? Tony sent her a pile of pictures of different girls with the message: I can't remember what you look like. Could you please take out your photo and return the rest?

My girlfriend talks so much that when she goes on vacation, she has to spread suntan lotion on her tongue.

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