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On her holidays, the geography teacher explained to the history teacher that she went to the Himalayas, visiting remote mountain areas. 'Infact,' she said, 'we went where the hand of man has never set foot.'

'Why is your name the same as principal's ?' a new boy at school asked his teacher.
'Because he's my father !'
'Did you know that when you took the job ?'

'I see you've got that new boy down for the football game against Township High,' said the English teacher to the coach.
'Yes, but I'm not sure what position to play him.'
'Well, if his football's anything like his English, he's a natural drawback's

Teacher: That's the stupidest boy in the whole school.
Mother: That's my son.
Teacher: Oh ! I'm so sorry.
Mother: You're sorry ?

A little boy ran home from school on the first day and pestered his mother into taking him into a toy shop. When they got there he insisted that she buy him a gun.
'But why do you need a gun?' asked his mother.
'Because our teacher told us she was going to teach us to draw tomorrow.'

When George left school he was going to be a printer. All the teachers said he was the right type.

'We're going to play elephants and circuses,' said a little boy at kindergarten, 'Do you want to join in?'
'I'd love to,'replied the teacher. 'What do you want me to do?'
'You can be the lady that feeds us peanuts !'

A little boy came home from his first day at kindergarten and said to his mother, 'What's the use of going to school ? I can't read, I can't write, and the teacher won't let me talk.'

Rich boy to dinner lady: This bread's horrible! Why can't you make your own bread like the servants do at home?
Dinner lady: Because we don't have the kind of dough that your father makes !

Did you hear about the boy who had to do a project on trains ?
He had to keep track of everything !

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