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Is this a second hand shop ?
Yes Sir
Good. Can you fit one to my watch then please !
In the park this morning I was surrounded by Lions!
Lions !!, in the Park ?
Well, dandelions !
How is business going ?
I'm looking for a new cashier
But you only had a new one last week
Yes, that's the one I'm looking for !
Do you have any invisible ink ?
Certainly sir. What colour ?
What did you get for christmas ?
A mouthorgan, its the best present I've ever had.
Why ?
My mum gives me extra pocket money every week not to play it !
Whatdo you mean by telling everyone that I'm an idiot ?
I'm sorry, I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret!
This match won't light !
That's funny, it did this morning !
A noise woke me up this morning.
What was that ?
The crack of dawn !
Have you ever seen a duchess ?
Yes - it's the same as an English "s" !
It's gone forever - forever I tell you !
What has ?
Yesterday !
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