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What did you think of our website?
A little bit tacky.
What did you think of the Hiccup website?
Not very Hic-citing!
What do builders use to make websites?
Where do you find smelly Internet sites?
On your hum computer.
Where is Pinocchio's website?
On the splinternet.
Who has the best website in the jungle?
The Onlion King.
Who runs the 100 acre wood website?
www.innie the pooh.
Who started the campfire website?
Some bright spark.
Why did the skunk redesign his website?
Because everyone said it stunk.
Why do witches never get website addresses wrong?
Because they are very good at spelling.
Why do you keep going back to that fishing website?
I can't help it, I'm hooked.
You need to log on to the window repair website!
I did - but it gave me a pane!
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