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Anyone got the address of the horseshoe website?
You'll be lucky.
Do you like the new trousers website?
No, its pants!
Have you got the address of the butter website?
Yes, but don't spread it around.
How is your website going?
It's a roaring success.
I can't find a shark website....
That's cos you're dum dum, dum dum, dum dum, dumb......
If doors have a website shouldn't windows have one too?
We'd better, or it will be curtains for us.
Our website should have more colour, more games, more sound!
Look, what more do you want? Blood?
We Gnus have a new website!
Really? that's Gnus to me!
What did the hypnotist say when he got his own website....
Hyp, Hyp Hooray.
What did the maths homework website say to the geometry website?
Boy do we have problems.
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