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Why do computer teachers never get sick?
Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Teacher: I've been typing on the Internet so much, my right hand's begun to ache.
Doctor: That's just age.
Teacher: But my left hand is just as old and it doesn't ache at all.
''Doctor ,doctor, I've spent so long at my P.C. that I've got double vision.''
"Well , go around with one eye shut
Doctor, doctor, can I have a bottle of aspirin and a pot of glue?
Because I've been at my computer all day and I've got a splitting headache!
Doctor, doctor, I don't think I'm a computer anymore. Now I think I'm a desk.
Your just letting things get on top of you.
Doctor, doctor, I feel like I'm part of the Internet!
Well, you do look a site...
Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm a computer.
My goodness, you'd better come to my surgery right away!
I can't, my power cable won't reach that far.
Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm a laptop computer.
You're just run down, let me give you some vitamins.
No, thanks. But I could do with some new batteries.
Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a computer?
How long have you felt like this?
Ever since I was switched on!
Doctor, doctor, I'm so big I can't fit at my computer terminal!
Have you tried to diet?
Yes, but no matter what colour it is, I still can't fit.
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