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Sara fell and broke her arm. The camp doctor put it in a sling.
'Will I be able to play the piano when my arm heals?' Sara asked the doctor.
'Sure you will,' the doctor replied.
'That's amazing!' said Sara. 'I never took a lesson in my life!'
Jack went to see the camp nurse. 'I fell last night,' he said. 'And I was unconscious for eight hours.'
The nurse was shocked. 'How awful. What happened?'
'I fell asleep!'
Patty went to the arts and crafts shack. The Counselor asked, 'Would you like to make some paper dolls?'
'No, thanks,' said Patty. 'I cut that out long ago.'
Pierre was a camper from France. In his honour, Jenny sang a French song in the talent show. But she didn't sing very well.
'Does that make you homesick?' someone asked Pierre.
'No,' he answered. 'Just sick sick!'
Camp Doctor: Your cough sounds better today!
Camper: It should, I practised all night!
Camp Woodland put on a show with a happy ending.
Everybody was glad when it was all over!!!!!!
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