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Ben looked at the ham slices in his sandwich. It was very, very thin.
'Did you cut this ham?' Ben asked the camp cook.
'Yes,' the cook replied.
'Well, you almost missed!' said Ben.
Ellen: I'd like to be in the camp show.
Show Director: Have you ever acted before?
Ellen: Well, my arm was once in a cast.
Jo: I've broken my glasses. Do I have to be examined all over again?
Camp Doctor: No. Just your eyes.
Brad: Here's my drawing of a horse and wagon.
Art & Crafts Counselor: I see the horse. But where's the wagon?
Brad: The horse will draw the wagon.
Camper: I'm having trouble with my breathing.
Camp Doctor: I'll give you something to stop that.
Meg's mother was visiting her daughter at camp. 'How did you find the steak dinner?' she asked.
'With a magnifying glass!'
Jane's mother asked her daughter, 'How did you find the steak?'
'I just moved the potatoes and there it was!' Jane replied.
Bonnie: Is this a ham sandwich?
Cook: What does it taste like?
Bonnie: I can't tell.
Cook: Then what difference does it make?
John: What did you think of Suzy's dancing in the talent show?
Jane: Suzy would b a great dancer except for two things - her feet!
Camper: There's something wrong with my hot dog.
Cook: Don't tell me. I'm not a veterinarian.
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