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At the end of camp, Julie won the prize for neatest trunk. Her mother was amazed.
'How did your trunk get so neat?' she asked her messy daughter.
'It was easy,' said Julie. 'I just never unpacked!'
Camp Woodland is the hottest camp in the world.
It's so hot that campers take turns sitting in each other's shadows!
Dan: I'm as tall as you are.
Stan: No, you're not. I'm a head taller than you.
Dan: Well, I'm as tall as you at the other end. My feet go down as far as yours!
Did you hear about the mosquito that bit everybody in the camp cabin?
He passed the screen test!
Does horseback riding give you a headache?
No. The very opposite!
Every camper had a physical exam at the beginning of the summer.
'What's the best you've ever weighed?' the doctor asked Tim.
'Ninety-two pounds,' Tim told the doctor.
'And what's the least you've ever weighed?' the doctor asked.
'Eight pounds, four ounces,' Tim answered.
How did you find the weather at camp?
It was easy. I just went outside - and there it was!
It's very damp at Camp Arrowhead.
When they set a mouse trap, they catch a fish!
Jerry: I beat my friends up every morning.
Adam: Really?
Jerry: Yes. I'm up at seven o'clock. They all sleep until eight!
Jimmy: I was so mad I could have punched Arthur in the nose!
Pete: Well, what stopped you?
Jimmy: Arthur!
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