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Doctor! Doctor! My boyfriend smells like a fish.
Poor sole !

My boyfriend only has two faults: everything he says and everything he does!

Girlfriend: Will you love me when I'm old and fat and ugly?
Boyfriend: Of course I do !

Handsome Harry: Every time I walk past a girl she sighs.
Wisecracking William: With relief!

Jane: Do you like me?
Wayne: As girls go, you're fine. And the sooner you go the better !

1st Cannibal: I don't know what to make of my boyfriend these days.
2nd Cannibal: How about a hotpot ?

Flash Harry gave his girlfriend a mink stole for her birthday. Well, it may not have been mink, but it's fairly certain it was stole!

Freda: Boys whisper they love me.
Fred: Well, they wouldn't admit it out loud, would they?

My brother's looking for a wife. Trouble is, he can't find a woman who loves him as much as he loves himself !
When Fred proposed to his girlfriend she said, 'I love the simple things in life, Fred, but I don't want one of them for a husband.'
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