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What happens if you draw on the blackboard and the teacher told you not to ?
She draws a smack !
Why do teachers use a bamboo cane ?
Because when the cane goes 'bam' the child goes boo!
What's that fly doing in my gravy ?
Looks like the breast stroke !
What tables don't you have to learn ?
Dinner tables !
Why was the headmaster worried ?
Because there were too many rulers in school !
When a teacher closes his eyes, why should it remind him of an empty classroom ?
Because there are no pupils to see !
Why did the teacher put the lights on ?
Because the class was so dim !
Where did all the cuts and blood come from ?
The school went on a trip !
How did the boy feel after being caned ?
Absolutely whacked !
What's black and white all over and difficult ?
An exam paper !
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