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What is a witch with poison ivy called ?
An itchy witchy !
What's a cold, evil candle called ?
The wicked wick of the north !
What is evil, ugly and black and goes round and round ?
A witch in a revolving door !
What is evil and ugly on the inside and green on the outside ?
A witch dressed as a cucumber !
What happens if you see twin witches ?
You won't be able to see which witch is witch !
Why did the witch give up fortune telling ?
There was no future in it !
Why did the baby witch smile when she came out in blotches ?
Because it was an 'appy rash !
What does a witch get if she is a poor traveller ?
Broom sick !
How did the witch almost lose her baby ?
She didn't take it far enough into the woods !
Why did the stupid witch keep her clothes in the fridge ?
She liked to have something cool to slip into in the evenings !
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