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Counselor: Swimming keeps you fit and trim.
Don: I guess you never saw a whale!
Counselor: This is a dogwood tree.
Ben: How do you know?
Counselor: By its bark.
Counselor: Wash your face. I can see what you had for breakfast.
Henry: If you're so smart, what did I have?
Counselor: Eggs.
Henry: Wrong. I had eggs yesterday!
Counselor: Who gave you that black eye?
Camper: No one gave it to me. I had to fight for it!
Counselor: Why are you sitting up in bed?
Ruth: There's a mosquito in the cabin.
Counselor: But it hasn't bitten you.
Ruth: I know, but it came so close I could hear its motor.
Counselor: Why did I catch you grabbing an extra cookie?
Laura: Because I didn't hear you coming.
'I can't find my dollar bill,' Jane sobbed.
'Don't worry,' her Counselor said. 'A dollar doesn't go very far today.'
Lee: I just swallowed a fish bone!
Counselor: Are you choking?
Lee: No, I'm serious!
Lunch was just over. Brian was about to jump into the lake.
'It's dangerous to swim on a full stomach,' warned his Counselor
'Dont' worry,' Brian said. 'I'll do the backstroke.'
My Counselor doesn't now anything about kids.
She makes me go to sleep when I'm wide awake. And then she wakes me up when I'm fast asleep!
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