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What do you call a wizard from outer space ?
A flying sorcerer !
Why did the wizard wear a yellow robe to the Halloween party ?
He was going as a banana !
What happened to the stupid wizard who put in his false teeth back to front ?
He ate himself !
What happened to the wizard who brushed his teeth with gunpowder ?
He kept shooting his mouth off !
What do wizards do to get their kicks ?
They drool over the pictures in "witch" magazine !
What happened when the wizard turned a boy into a hare ?
He's still rabbiting on about it !
Why did the wizard where red, white and blue braces ?
To keep his trousers up !
What's the first thing that a wizard does in the morning ?
He wakes up !
What did the wizard say to his witch girlfriend ?
Hello gore-juice !
What do wizards stop for on the motorway ?
Witchhikers !
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