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When will they learn that if a light is bright then it most likely isn't the moon, and when its my head they're smacking into then they'll soon meet a rolled up newpaper.
Shouldn't someone tell them that they'll die if they sting you ?
Daddy Long Legs
I've a good idea, lets fly into a human, whose like a million times bigger, until I annoy them so much that they swat me, then I'll keep doing it until they swat me properly.
These are the bugs that find their way into your bath, and then sit there. Why don't they get the idea that the bath is the last place they should go explore
So, they can carry ten times their own body weight. Millions of years of evolution and they haven't worked out how to build a truck...
So why do they even bother to exist. Don't they realise that if they insist on buzzing around people that any second they might have their buzzing stopped forever
Evolve an engine or longer legs or something please !
So you spend your live digging through dirt. Get a life.
While everyone runs a mile when they see one does it take hours for them to work out how to get out of a room, even when you've opened the window they're hovering right by.
Now that's some trick you do with the butterfly thing !
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