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Steve wrote home. 'I'm glad you named me Steve,' he said in the letter.
'Why?' asked his mother in her reply.
'Because that's what all the kids at camp call me,' he wrote back.
Kathy wanted to mail her first letter home from camp. She went to the post office to buy a stamp.
'Do I stick the stamp on myself?' she asks the clerk.
'No. Stick it on the envelope!'

What are the two shortest camp letters ever written?

Dear Dad,
No fun.
Your son.

Dear Son,
Too bad.
Your dad.

Josh sent a letter to his folks. He told about a ten-mile hike he had taken.
His father wrote back saying, 'In my day I thought nothing of walking ten miles.'
Josh wrote back, 'To tell the truth, I didn't think much of it either.
Mum and dad got this letter from Junior: 'I had fun today dicing into the pool. But they say I'll have even more fun when they put in the water!'
Martin ended a letter to his dad with this question, 'Is Washington's picture still on the dollar bill?'
His Father wrote back, 'Of course it is. Why do you ask?'
Martin answered, 'Because it's been so long since I've seen one!'
I got a letter from my sister. She just had a baby. But she didn't say whether it's a boy or girl.
So I don't know if I'm an uncle or an aunt.
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