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Aladdin Jokes
Aladdin: Get me a fur coat.
Genie: What fur?
Aladdin: Fur to keep me warm, that's what fur!
As a child, the wicked magician always wanted to saw people in half.
Was he an only child?
No, he had lots of half-brothers and sisters!
Do you know what's inside Aladdin's lamp?
It would take a genie-us to find out!
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Aladdin who?
A lad in the street who wants to come in!
What did Aladdin do when he lost his lamp?
He used a candle instead!
What did Aladdin's lamp say?
"You turn me on!"
What does a magician like to keep up his sleeve?
His arm!
What kind of pet did Aladdin have?
A flying car-pet!
Why did Aladdin's lamp hum?
Because the genie inside it didn 't know the words!

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